"Our advisors have more than 5 years of experience. All of them are tested psychologically as well!  This means that you can expect us to be honest, compassionate, and very understanding."  

As we thread through this lifetime, it is of human nature to question our existence, our purpose, and our connection to others, our surroundings, and the divine. Breaking through the reality that we live in takes a lifetime of work. As we break away from the illusions of societal construct, norms, and mores imbued in our minds, oftentimes, we stumble as we walk the path feeling lost and broken by the circumstances in every aspect of our lives. 

Am I worthy? Who am I? What is my purpose? Why is this happening to me? These questions trickle down to more specific areas of our lives from our relationships, career paths, financial abundance to name a few. Although we can deduce the answers and reasons in a logical and rational manner, we know deep inside that there is truth beyond what the human mind can explain. There are answers that are far more reaching than what the physical senses can give. 

Throughout our lives we prepared for a life that we think should be our path on the basis of what we believe is our reality; only to find out that it is only one of the truths that we made for ourselves. As a result, we miss out on the time to prepare for things that truly matter--- to have a quality life experience given meaning through our connectedness in our relationships, work, health, and overall wellbeing. 

There is no such thing as a coincidence---we call it divine timing. You were led to Top Psychics for a reason. Whether you are conscious or not of the reasons, we welcome you with an open heart. 

We are a collective of experienced psychics and intuitives led by the purpose to provide guidance and clarity. Treat us as your advisor, life coach, or even as a mentor. Compassion is at the very heart of our work bringing you intuitive, accurate, and insightful services to help you live a quality life. 

We offer intuitive readings from tarot readings, mediumship, energy reading, energy healing, reiki, astrology, numerology, and life coaching as well. We can help you with any topic--- Love, Relationship, Marriage, Divorce, Work, Finances, Spiritual Path, and Karma.

We are here for you. Your journey starts here. 


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