A Quick Guide to Your Life Path Number

In Numerology, the life path number reveals an individual date that reflects a “deeper insight of your possibilities and tendencies.” To be exact, your Life Path Number refers to the sum of your date of birth that shows your inherent traits and the essence of your journey in this lifetime. Moreover, your Life Path Number can also provide knowledge of ways you deal with life trials based on your natural characteristics and mindset. 

To understand ourselves and the world we live in, we need to pay attention to the numerical patterns that encompass our daily lives. Through our Life Path Number, we can delve into the inner workings that make us who we are. A simple equation can bring to light our values that thrive in our being and the challenges that we will encounter as we continue on our journey in this lifetime. 

How to Calculate for Your Path Number 

You can calculate your Life Path Number by using your full date of birth, which is considered to carry influential numbers in your Numerology Chart.  Your Life Path Number can be any from numbers 1 to 9. To calculate, follow the example below by changing the numbers based on your date of birth: 

Date of Birth: March 12, 1981 

Year: 1+9+8+1 = 19 ,   9 + 1 = 10 

Month: 3

Day: 12 

Get your Life Path Number:  10+3+12 = 25 , 25 is 2 + 5 = 7

Life Path Number: 7  

Life Path Numbers 

  • Life Path # 1 are leaders who are driven with a sense of individuality, autonomy, and independence. 
  • Life Path # 2 are the diplomats who value partnerships, harmony, balance, and love. 
  • Life Path #3 are known to be the socializers who are about fun, creativity, and driven by the need for a continuous outlet for self-expression. 
  • Life Path # 4 are disciplined workers who give value to structure and security. 
  • Life Path # 5 are the free-spirited lot who seek adventure, movement, and who continuously welcomes change. 
  • Life Path # 6 are known to be the nurturers whose life is centered on family, taking on responsibility, and fueled by long-term goals. 
  • Life Path # 7 are the intuitives who value meditative thought, thorough introspection, and thrive with imagination. 
  • Life Path # 8 are the power players whose life is about authority, material things, and success. 
  • Life Path # 9 are the humanitarians who are compassionate and understanding. 

This single number reveals a spiritual understanding of who you are. Use your Life Path Number as a compass to guide you to work within the framework of your number. In doing so, you will feel a sense of alignment with your soul’s purpose.


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