Aligning Your Soul’s Purpose in Accordance to Your Life Goals

How many people here on Earth can truly say that they are aware of their soul’s true purpose? For certain, many of us have goals that we want to achieve in this lifetime. These life goals generally concern personal and professional accomplishments. But take the time to ask yourself, which of these goals are truly your own? 

We are able to present ourselves to the world through our words and our actions. But can mere words and actions represent us for who we truly are? Inside our minds we are made up of an infinite number of thoughts and emotions. It’s most definitely no one’s fault, but the fact remains that we cannot expect the world around us to realize our soul’s true purpose.

There are certain expectations that are placed in each of us, fair or not. These expectations come from the environment we grow up in. They are mostly imbued to us by our family and friends. But truth be told, it goes all the way down to encompass society as a whole. However, there is no one but yourself that can honestly know what you are meant to be.

Think back to when you were a child. You might not remember it right now, but from the moment  you were born, your soul already possessed a clear idea of its purpose. As you got older and older however, you also began to undergo the process of having this idea taken away from you.

Nevertheless this idea will always remain inside you. You just need to rediscover by peeling away at the layers composed of projections and expectations. It is up to you to shatter the illusions and fantasies that have been ingrained to you by other people. 

The latent potential within you can only be manifested once you realize your soul’s true purpose. Begin to do so by setting goals that increase the value of what’s inside you. How do you find out what these goals are? Life, as you know it, will always be testing you constantly. Your soul’s true purpose cannot be separated from the fact that you need to grow as a person alongside working towards your life’s goals.

Having the right intentions is a good starting point for comprehending your soul’s true purpose. Setting the proper bearing for a journey is equally, if not more, important to reaching your destination. The significant transformations that occur throughout our lives always comes from an origin. As much as possible, you need to be in control of the direction of where your life is heading.

Ask yourself these questions: What is the basis for you wanting to attain this goal? What are the paths that you see yourself taking in order to achieve it? Will I make a positive difference for myself and to others in the process? Do I have the courage to accept if this perceived goal was really not meant to be? 

If the things that you are currently pursuing aren’t working out, maybe it’s a sign that you should be spending your energies pursuing something else. Yet, the line between failing and succeeding will always be paper thin. It takes true wisdom and lots of experience to become fully aware of the difference between giving up, or walking away. 

Don’t be fooled or dismayed if you can only think of or visualize small goals. As long as they’re aligned with your soul’s true purpose, these seemingly insignificant goals are unwittingly attached to the bigger picture. Similar to solving a gigantic jigsaw puzzle, you need to trust in your higher purpose, and that you came into this world equipped with all the right pieces.

Always take the time, each and every day, to reflect on the gifts and talents that you were born with. These things were given to you for a reason. Have you been developing or neglecting them all this time? Remember that the universe has a way of showing you where you need to go. But you need to have a firm grasp of where you are right now before the next step is revealed to you. 

Learn to meditate on your goals. As you do continue to do so over a long period of time, thoughts and emotions will inevitably pass through your mind. By meditating, you are instilling the habit of being able to calm the turmoil within yourself. Through this process, your soul’s true process will slowly begin to emerge and reveal itself to you.

Recall the moments in your life when you felt that you were authentically inspired. These moments are signposts indicating your soul’s true purpose. Ignoring them will result in getting lost in life, but following them will take you to where you are meant to be. It all sounds simple really, but the true challenge lies at the heart of being able to recognize these signposts as we pass them by.

Remember that you are solely responsible for the present moment. Blaming others — the government, the economy, your parents, etc. — is simply an act of displacing this responsibility. There is a reason why your soul chose to exist and that you will be able to discover this reason by aligning your life goals to your soul’s true purpose.


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