Aries Season Astrological Forecast 

Key Astrological dates for Aries Season. 

We are on fire as the Ram brings in renewed energy, being the Sun is exalted in Aries. Regardless of your Sun Sign, the Aries energy will give you the push--- the energy to spring forward. 

Though this happens every year, both the planets and the moon move differently giving us a new experience annually. 

In general, expect confidence in love (especially on March 26), the fiery energy of ambition kicks in, a time to speak your truth, inner work, and new relationships! 

Here are the key astrological dates for Aries season. 

Sun enters Aries on March 20: Concurs with the Spring Equinox, the beginning of the astrological new year 

Venus enters Aries on March 21: Energy brings in romance 

Venus Star Point occurs on March 26 in Aries: Sun and Venus connection encourages us to take a step forward and bring on our passion to guide us in a new journey in romance or career

Full Moon in Libra on March 28: Find balance in partnerships, relationships and other areas of life 

Mercury moves into Aries on April 3: Energy to drive us forward and go after projects 

Saturn in Aquarius links with Nodes of Destiny on April 9: Day focused on karmic resolutions 

New Moon in Aries on April 11: Time to set new intentions for the following month 

Venus moves into Taurus on April 14: Financial abundance is at hand 

Mercury enters Taurus on April 19: Find your middle ground as Aries brings stubbornness into the picture

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