Aries Season: Beginning of a New Cycle

What to expect as Aries, the Ram, enters our lives? 

Spring is here literally  and figuratively. After a long period of slumber and hibernation, a collective feeling towards renewal is at the very footsteps of the Aries Season, which begins on March 20, 2021. 

We say goodbye to Pisces season, which was a time  of self-reflection--- getting in touch with our emotions, intuitions & sentiments. We as a collective have been immersed in a sea of feelings, which goes both ways--- a much needed purging, facing reality --- but at same time being able to use this energy to understand oneself better. 

Towards the end of the Pisces Season, it was a prelude to a much needed mental, emotional, and spiritual spring cleaning. Symbolized by the Moon in a Tarot Card (which means illusions and that nothing is what it seems) we are jolted back to reality. Whether it be through divine intervention, or led by inner guidance, we are called to break away from these illusions as we are guided by our intuitions. 

Aries Season on the other hand brings to light starting anew, and a call to focus on ourselves. Yes, this season is about pushing forward for our visions and the beginning of living the life that we want. 

The earth is blossoming with promise, as the vernal equinox has always been associated with spiritual significance. The collective energy leans toward optimism, clean slate, and that the impossible becomes possible. 

Hence, the coming of spring is revered and celebrated around all cultures around the world. For astrology, the vernal equinox also means the start of the astrological new year, which as mentioned earlier, is the Aries season. The sun enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, brimming with the energy, fire and action, which the Sun is all about. Now, more than ever, is the best time for you to set your intentions. 

Here are some guide questions to help you set your intention for the Aries Season: 

What have you been hoping to manifest in your life? 

What do you hope to accomplish? 

What has been holding you back? 

A bold, strong sign- the Aries season is giving you the push to chase those goals. Use your voice, speak your truth, and draw on your inner sun to move forward. Be guided by the confidence, warmth and charisma of the Aries energy! 


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