Attuning Yourself as a Spiritual Being

Keeping In Tune With The Spiritual Aspect Of Your Identity Is An Integral Part Of Personal Growth And Character Development

Reasons to Reach Out to Your Spiritual Side

Setting aside any predisposed beliefs or dogmas you may have regarding “spirituality” ---whether or not you subscribe to any belief system, philosophy, or cultural practices --- we can probably agree that it's extremely difficult to define what it is exactly. Each and every person is entitled to their beliefs after all. 

However, we can also probably agree that “spirituality” is something that goes beyond the “material world.” Our spiritual being encompasses and affects our minds, bodies, and emotions. One can argue that we need spirituality in order to reconcile our very identities with the world we inhabit. 

Attuning yourself with your spiritual side is beneficial to our physical, emotional, and mental well-being since it provides us with a vehicle for self-reflection and introspective thought. As a result, we come out with a well-balanced mindset and aren’t easily thrown out of sorts during tough and trying life situations.

Setting the Foundations of Your Spiritual Journey

Developing your spiritual awareness can be very difficult at the beginning. For many of us, connecting with a realm that is beyond our physical world is a very daunting task. 

Here are some tips on how you can set the groundwork for embarking on a meaningful spiritual journey: 

Meditate - Prior to beginning any spiritual quest, you must clear your mind of any thoughts that are occupying it. This is to allow yourself to become a ready and willing vessel to become more spiritual. Free your mind of any pre-existing beliefs or thought patterns so that you will be able to discover things that you may have not revealed themselves otherwise. 

Setting an intention - What truths do you want to uncover for yourself? Are there certain things in your life --- relationship patterns, mental and physical conditions, etc --- that you want to delve your psyche into? Most of the time, our minds know the answer to questions that arise within ourselves. Use your journey into the spiritual world to analyze signs (in the form of people, places, events, etc) that appear in your everyday life. 

Connect with your senses - We are given our physical senses in order to be able to navigate our way in the physical world. However, we interpret them in our minds based on a variety of factors such as experience, preferences, etc. Therefore, we should learn to attune our physical senses with our spiritual sides. For instance, we can be more mindful of the relationship between how certain things can evoke different responses mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

Reach out to a spiritual mentor - You can be certain that there are other people who are also embarking on their own spiritual journeys. As far as your own spiritual journey goes, it would greatly benefit from asking guidance from those who have gone before you. In this way you will be able to increase your experience in the spiritual world.


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