Breaking the Myths about Tarot Cards

Learn to trust the Tarot for clarity, guidance and enlightenment

Tarot Cards have a long history, having been around for ages. And to this date, they have become a popular tool for psychics, espers and even enthusiasts. Starting out as playing cards in the mid-1400s, Tarot Cards ascended to become a tool used for divination. However, the origin of Tarot Cards goes way back even further. One theory is that they were used by Egyptians  for religious rituals, while other theories denote that Tarot Cards were originally used by Celts. Eventually, Tarot Cards found their way to Europe. 

Tarot Cards have evolved from the actual physical decks to online decks to meet the demands of the digitally-reliant world. And yet despite the Tarot Cards journey to the modern world it seems that most people have the stereotypical impression of Tarot Cards based on popular culture. There is also a perception that having a Tarot Card reading acts as a “quick fix” to one’s problem. This mindset unfortunately hinders the individual to fully experiencing a reading. Instead of fully grasping the insights that can lead to sound decision-making, people are fixed with “yes & no” answers or the attitude of “just tell me the outcome I want,” or worst yet, “tell me the future”. 

When it comes to self-discovery and understanding the intricate web that is the universe and existence--- one needs clarity for the answers to come about with a sense of inner knowing. We get lost in the myriad of the physical world that we lose sight of our ability to find clarity and the wisdom that lies in each and every being. 

Tarot Cards are then tools to bring guidance towards clarity and insight that comes from the divine--- one that is connected to the wholeness of the universe when performed by a highly intuitive and attuned individual. We are often deaf to messages of the universe, hence tools like Tarot Cards become our bridge to insightful wisdom. 

The depth of Tarot Cards is about delving into the psyche, where our experiences are connected by synchronicity. Our outer world is connected to our inner world. The questions we postulate will reflect in the choice of cards we draw. Through the images of the Tarot Card, we get a glimpse of our inner world. Though each card from the Tarot Deck has their general meanings, the effectiveness of these cards lies in the connection and recognition of how we associate the images to ourselves. 

Images are powerful and with the guidance of an intuitive reader, a card can reveal so much about ourselves and the situation that we are in. Instead of merely predicting a fixed future, Tarot Cards reveal likely outcomes of a situation. When we shift our mindset and look at Tarot reading as an aid to learning more about ourselves, we begin working with the powerful symbolism of the cards instead of their predictive attributes. 

Human beings have developed a language of symbolism to make sense of their outer world and the subconscious. Using the Tarot provides us a glimpse; a reflection of our psychological patterns, spiritual aspirations and the hidden motivations that drive us. 

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