Clarity of Mind When Making Career and Business Decisions

Clarity of Mind When Making Career and Business Decisions

We are constantly faced with making decisions in our career or business, and at some point, we’ve all made mistakes. Whether or not the gravity of these decisions bear a lot of consequence or not is unimportant. Regret always comes in the end. The fact remains that we need to have a clear mind in order to make the right decisions. 

Oftentimes mistakes are made when we stumble into the decision making process without even thinking. On the other hand, if we’re under pressure or stress, we do the exact opposite and succumb to overthinking. So the first thing you need to accomplish is to always be able take a moment of calmness before committing to a decision. 

A great way to accomplish a calm state of mind is to practice meditation. Meditation is a way to increase mental toughness and fortitude. It also has the added benefits of inducing calmness by clearing your mind of unnecessary thoughts and wayward ideas. Through meditation, you can achieve greater focus.

We mentioned regret earlier in relation to making mistakes. A good thing to remember is that we need to be able to have a healthy relationship with this feeling. Without regret, we leave ourselves susceptible to making mistakes over and over again. However, wallowing in it can lead us to becoming a nervous wreck.

Which is why we need to be able to have a healthy balance with this particular emotion. The more experience we have with this, the better we are at realizing which decisions lead to a larger degree of regret. By being able to identify decisions that lead to great regret, the better the chances of succeeding. 

Along with focus and identification, another way to attain clarity of mind when making career and business decisions is to have a well-structured decision making process. In fact it’s absolutely necessary to have this in place. Otherwise you’ll find yourself “winging it” on a regular basis. And freestyling decisions is a surefire path to horrendous mistakes.

Each of us should have our own approach when it comes to crafting a decision making process. This is because every business and career has their own unique set of circumstances. Nevertheless there are things that should always be thought about prior to making decisions that can help achieve clear thinking. 

One of the most important things to consider is urgency. A lot of the times we unwittingly fill our head with decisions that aren’t that impactful in the grand scheme of things. This isn’t to say that we should overlook other issues; rather it’s about prioritizingthe ones that carry the most weight. In doing so, you can properly discern the importance of your decisions in an orderly manner. 

Another thing that can help you clear your mind when making decisions is to prioritize the ones that are solution-oriented. In doing this you are hitting two birds with one stone by solving an ongoing problem or preventing a troublesome issue from arising in the future. Adopting this principle in your decision making process will help you get clarity through a method of reduction. 

Asking advice from people you work with should also be embedded in your thought process. This could pertain to coworkers when it comes to a job, or an advisory board when it comes to business. The reason for this is that blind spots will always be present when assessing decisions. Always be willing to go back to the drawing board, especially if you have access to knowledgeable opinions. 

Being prepared by doing extensive research also comes in handy. Stocking up on relevant facts and information will aid in you in having clear thinking. You can do this passively simply by being observant, thereby improving your intuition. Or you can choose to do this actively by attending seminars, workshops, or conferences relevant to your career or business. 

Lastly, you always need to think about how you might become a better person based on your decisions. This goes for life in general, not just for your business or career. Plenty of times we gloss over this important aspect in favor of immediate outcomes or short term gains. But if you are driven with an intention to improve yourself, you will find that thinking clearly becomes second nature to your character. 


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