Creating A Personal Sacred Space at Home

Your Self-care Space is a Powerful Way to Remind Yourself to Mindfully Enrich your Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellness

“We have endured a collective trauma--the pandemic. We have fought through our mental, emotional, physical, and social battles during this past year. Despite all that, we have remained afloat. Understanding that we only have to look within ourselves to be able to muster up the strength to keep going. By doing this, we are able to project how we care for ourselves, outward. We create a nest that evokes serenity and peace so that our capacity to live becomes more than manageable.”

 - Celestina Ávasu, Self Care Space, Home Buddies 

Your longest relationship in this life is with yourself. We invite you to set aside the belief that taking care of yourself first is a selfish act. To put it simply, self-care is giving yourself the time to expand, rejuvenate, and most importantly, keeping your own well-being in check. 

Begin Your Journey to Self-Care by Dedicating a Physical Space in Your Home 

Jumpstart your self-care by creating a space solely dedicated to you. Physical space is a reminder where you can set aside time devoted only to yourself. By setting up your own space for self-care, you program your mind, body, and spirit to do self-care routines associated with your space. Use this space in your home to meditate and contemplate-- a place where you can just be. 

Choose a Suitable Space 

“Understanding that the only true way of living is to live in the now. Creating a space that allows that to flourish is a helpful tool. It doesn’t have to be extremely fancy, just the simplest space where you feel most comfortable can become your self-care space. It can be your bed, bathroom or even a tiny corner in your living room.” 

- Celestina Ávasu, Self Care Space, Home Buddies 

The amount of space you feel and think you need will dictate the essence of your self-care space. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a one-room or a corner in your home as long as this area meets your needs. The idea is to associate a space in your home wherein you are allowed to tune out from the noise of the outer world. 

Decorate Your Self-Care Space 

“ In my space, I have curated a set up of calming scents that bring me back to my happy childhood. A candle warmer, a Tibetan singing bowl for meditation, two crystals, and smudge sticks. Mood lighting is preferential. What saved me from myself last year was the ability to meditate-- a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes every day. I created this habit of spending that short time to just look within myself and focus on my breathing.” 

- Celestina Ávasu, Self Care Space, Home Buddies 

It is important to remember to always be mindful of your goal in creating your self-care space. As you decorate your corner or room, think of how each item will help you achieve your self-care goals. Choose pieces that are meaningful to you. Make use of decors that will aid you in working with your inner self

Making space for others takes up our own energy. We have been conditioned to put others first without ever considering that for us to give unconditionally to others, we need to adopt that same philosophy towards ourselves first.


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