Have You Met Your Soulmate?

Knowing the signs that you might have come across your soulmate already. 

Is she the one? Is he the one? These two questions are oftentimes synonymous with the idea of a soulmate.  

The word soulmate has been tossed around for centuries. It’s been used in movies, shows, interviews, it’s basically mentioned everywhere. Almost all people know what a soulmate is and each of us, one way or another, has been bombarded with ideas of what a soulmate should and should not be.  

While many people still don’t believe in having a soulmate, it’s actually nice to think that someone, a “perfect match” is out there who is destined to meet you at some point.  Here are some signs that you might have come across your soulmate already: 

You have a good feeling. This isn’t exactly the best and accurate sign, but meeting your soulmate requires a lot of good intuition. You know, a gut feeling. Since soulmates bring out the best in you, when you’re with your soulmate, you just feel comfortable, at home, and at ease.  

You can be yourself around them. Well, since you do feel comfortable and calm, then you can expect that you’ll be okay to be real around them. And the good thing is, they accept and love you more for who you are.  

You can feel what the other is feeling. A soulmate can be your reflection, a perfect half of yourself. They feel your emotions, may it be happy or painful ones. Your soulmate can support you through whatever you’re feeling. 

You challenge each other. Your soulmate brings out the best in you. They are your biggest fan and you can expect that they’ll push you to success. They complement whatever you are. That’s how good a soulmate is.  

Your soulmate will love you unconditionally. And you will love them unconditionally in return. Not all relationships are perfect, so even though you have a rocky relationship with your soulmate, both of you will still love and be there for each other, even when you’re apart.  

It feels magical to think that there is someone out there “waiting for you” that will be your perfect half. Or someone that will complete you. While this is also true, you should also be assured that you don’t need a soulmate to feel complete. Everyone has at least one soulmate in a lifetime, and they have roles to play in our lives that will teach us more about ourselves.  


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