How can Self Accountability Help you Succeed?

How much of your success do you think is up to you? Is it up to your decisions? Your mindset? Your behaviors? Or do you think that success is about luck? Do you think you have to be special to be successful? 

If you believe that most of the success relies on your hard work, then you’ll likely reach your dreams sooner or later. However, if you believe that it depends on outside circumstances, then you’ll probably have a harder time experiencing the success you want. 

Self-Accountability & Success 

Self-accountability is the idea that you are responsible for yourself. For example, you might have someone to report to at work, who gives you a list of tasks, projects, and to-do lists. You should be responsible enough to give the work that is required and expected of you. Practicing self-accountability is one of the keys to success. 

How To Start Being Accountable

In our modern society, people would rather look for shortcuts to achieve their goals. People prefer life hacks, quick fixes, short-term solutions, and instant results. However, success doesn’t happen this way. What’s worse, when something doesn’t go as planned, people easily put the blame on other circumstances, dismissing their failures merely as bad luck. 

We are accountable for whatever happens to us. It is not just about luck or chance. Success depends on our mindset, behavior, and decisions. To be fair, not all successful people started this way right off the bat. It’s never too late to embrace a growth mindset as long as you have the heart and relentless determination to show up. 

Small Steps

Quite often, people would take on grand resolutions that result in greater failure than success. You can always start small and take small steps in forming this habit. Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle? You can start by consistently taking 15 to 30 minute walks every morning, and progress to something you’re comfortable doing. You should think carefully of what you’re going to commit to and set your mind to it. 

Once you figure out a habit to start with, consider doing it every day. A 5-minute meditation would suffice when starting out. You can gradually increase the time to 15 minutes - 30 minutes. Eventually an hour-long meditation! Be persistent and continue to show up to your goals!

Ask for Feedback

It’s easy to stray away from the small habits, especially when we think that it isn’t working in our favor. A good way to be consistent is to ask for help from people close to you. Tell your family, friends, or partner about your new goal and ask them to encourage you. Perhaps they can nudge you in the right direction if they see it fit. This will increase your chances of success! Lastly, learn to acknowledge your mistakes and forgive yourself for any missteps along the way. 

Believing in yourself and your capabilities should be the stronger force than your insecurities. Be humble enough to take responsibility for your decisions and actions.

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