How do you Nurture Your Relationship?

Building a strong relationship with your partner. 

There are many levels in which couples go through in a relationship. The greatest obstacle, however, is maintaining a healthy relationship. To be blunt, keeping things together when all hell is loose. 

After the courting and “honeymoon stage,” years of living or together get tricky. You start imposing your expectations on one another for starters. You feel disconnected because you are unable to truly communicate your feelings, again expecting the other partner “must know” what you are going through. Let’s not forget the mindset that our projections make our partners our emotional punching bag or crutch. And we do this unknowingly. Unless we have developed a level of awareness of our beliefs, patterns, and way of thinking, our relationships will end up full of drama, conflict, and an unending cycle of sorrow. 

Respect each other’s individuality 

Most couples live in the belief that their lives should revolve around each other, forgetting that each person is an individual. You may have found each other, but it does not mean that life is all about the two of you making one another’s life perfect. You came together to grow as one, but at the same time acknowledging that you are two unique individuals as well. Respecting each other's differences is key to building a stronger bond with your partner. 

Always come from a place of compassion 

Arguments are to be expected in any form of relationship. However, how you handle the argument makes so much difference in how the situation will be steered (either towards anger or positive compromise). When you find yourselves disagreeing, think of this as an opportunity to practice compassion and kindness towards each other. You can achieve this by acknowledging where both of you were coming from. Take his or her words or actions as it is and don’t sprinkle any subtext meanings that are rooted in your ego. This provides a clearer picture of where he or she is coming from without going through the fuss of angering each other. 

Give each other space 

We came into this world alone, and we shall die alone, but nonetheless, as social beings, we need to feel connected with others. However, at times, and this happens to everyone, we need a moment to ourselves to find the stillness that only we can attune to. Allow your partner and yourself to have such moments. Every person needs time to release and recharge. Afterwhich, your partner will come running back to you with his or her cup full. 

Be Grateful 

Never forget to be grateful for every act of kindness and love your partner shows you even in moments of the worst situations in your relationship. Being grateful is beyond listing down what you are grateful for rather, it is a state of feeling. Remind yourself of this feeling of gratitude for gratitude brings lightness to the heart. The more grateful you are to your partner being in your life, the more the universe brings joy to your relationship. 

Lastly, say the Magic Words...

Words are powerful. This is how we as human beings communicate with each other. Keep expressing your love by saying “I love you.” and do so with sincerity, not out of habit. Say these words with the best of intentions. Your partner will know when you mean those words. 


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