How to Attune with Your Higher Consciousness?

Your higher consciousness is an expansive state of awareness that transcends your mind's regular focus on the past and the future. It is the constant increase in the understanding of the meaning of life, your spiritual essence, and the connection to the energy that is present in everything.

As you raise your consciousness, you will also discover the boundless essence of your energy and existence. To achieve a higher level of consciousness, we must first believe. In return, we begin to see with clarity. 

Our consciousness

Sigmund Freud categorized human consciousness into three levels: the conscious, preconscious, and unconscious. At the conscious level, we are aware of everything that we know and who we are. On the other hand, the preconscious is the place where many memories are stored for quick retrieval, which includes past experiences we may want to pay attention to if we choose to. Lastly, the unconscious includes memories, ideas, and desires that are outside of conscious awareness. 

According to psychologists, a great deal kept in the unconscious is held in conflict or disagreeable. Though we are unaware, there is no doubt that the unconscious impacts our actions nonetheless. 

Higher consciousness is the state, which surpasses our ordinary minds. It is the awareness of the cosmos, one's higher self, and God.

What is your level of consciousness?

Humans, even when awake, are often in a zombie-like trance --- so concerned with their survival and influenced by labels of society. With such predisposition, we operate from a low frequency and consciousness. We are often blind to the true nature of our existence. This results in feeling lost, lonely, or uninspired. 

If only we stopped being mindful, meditate more, and nourish our souls instead of our physical selves, we will experience life with a broader perspective beyond what our thinking minds perceive. 

Achieving a higher state of consciousness

Simple steps to start your journey to higher consciousness include doing yoga, practicing meditation, engaging in spiritual or religious activities, mindfulness, and developing your intuition. To attune with your higher consciousness, we must take small, gradual efforts and consistent practice. We have to learn to control our thoughts, emotions, our body, our mind, and our energy! When we are able to see through and beyond the reality constructed by society, we can achieve peace, kindness, compassion, patience, unconditional love, understanding, and forgiveness.


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