How To Communicate With Your Inner Self

Reaching a Higher Level of Consciousness Requires an Authentic Conversation within Yourself

In today’s difficult and trying times, there are many instances in which we can see how truly chaotic things can be. To avoid reaching a mental breaking point, we must learn how to communicate with our inner-self. Needless to say… neglecting our thoughts and emotions increases the risk of inviting an unhealthy mental atmosphere both within ourselves and the world around us. 

Being able to communicate with our inner-self should not be an alien concept to the human psyche. We all have an “internal voice” within ourselves that sometimes gets drowned out by all the noise that surrounds us. Therefore, we need to figure out how to communicate using this voice in an authentic manner. 

By doing so, we are giving ourselves a greater chance of balancing negative outside experiences and using it to our advantage. There’s a saying: “Never waste a good crisis.”

Establishing a balanced and internal “self-dialogue” --- will give us a much better appreciation for our own thoughts, emotions, and spiritual enlightenment. 

Mastering the Mind

As mentioned, the modern era places greater emphasis on physical and material needs. Whether we like it or not, existing in the modern world comes with a certain amount of pressure. The good news is that having a strong sense of self is one of the best ways to be able to resist “cracking” from external forces.

Thus we should be aware of the fact that accessing your inner consciousness is not a product of whimsical thoughts and fantasies. When viewed from a certain perspective, we can almost say that acquiring a better understanding of the outside world and our inner consciousness cannot exist as two separate entities. 

When we are bombarded with too much information --- such as problems, anxiety, looking too much into the future that’s beyond our control, etc --- it’s human nature to fall back on whatever it is that we find most convenient, especially during times of crisis. 

Where to Start

The most important concept, when it comes to talking with your inner-self, is having a sense of compassion. Another tendency for people is to focus on the most negative thing possible and to dish out the equivalent dose of disapproval. This is also another “survival mechanism” that’s embedded into our physical memory as human beings. 

Therefore it is easy to be extra harsh to one particular person --- ourselves! Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should turn a blind eye to things that make us cringe. Rather we simply need to be aware of when we are being too harsh on ourselves (or others) inside our internal headspaces. 

Having the humility to be “reel in” thoughts and emotions before they run rampant is another great benefit of being able to communicate well with our inner selves. There are many practices such as meditation and having a tarot reading that can aid you when it comes to exploring your inner psyche.  

Whatever method you choose, keep in mind that consistency and effort will always be required when it comes to connecting with your mind, body, and spirit.

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