How to Cultivate Your Authentic Self

As technology develops faster, it becomes harder to discover your true authentic self. Your life is literally just one click away. It may be convenient to go on with your daily life, but sometimes it pulls you much farther from your own authentic self. Great advertisements tell you what should define you. Although it is not bad to try new things, sometimes advertisements leave you with a notion that what they are selling are the things you “should” have. 

Social media is also on the rise and most often than not, it is the medium people use to “show” the world what they are up to. If you are not the showy type, it is where you learn what other people are doing--- where they go, what they eat, and what they do in every minute of their lives. Too many of these feed your mind and you can help but compare your life with others. Sometimes you feel less of yourself because you do not have the same life as what other people have. 

Once this feeling of nothing being enough kicks in,  you feel lost. You aim to be someone other than your authentic self. When this happens, how do you bring your authenticity back and use it to attain your purpose and goals in life?

Remember Your Childhood

If you feel that you are losing your authenticity in this modern world, try to revisit your past, particularly your childhood. During your developmental stage, your parents, guardian, or whoever was around you when you were growing up might have unknowingly been the cause of shading your authenticity. They may have had the best intentions of telling you who you should be but sometimes with these thoughts, you are unable to cultivate your authenticity. However, do not mistake the morals and values taught to you as bad as these serve as your blueprint in being a good person. 

Reflect and focus your mind on who you really, truly wanted to be even when you were a child. What were your passions that you were not able to fulfill? Are those still the same passion you continually have but shrugged off because somebody told you that it is not for you? Think deeply and as you breathe in, try to feel your emotions while focusing your mind on what you think you are and can do. 

Take Time To Love Yourself

To feel accepted and be one with the norm, we tend to take care of others more than we take care of ourselves. It is humbling to love and show compassion for others, but one must not forget to love oneself. When you start loving yourself, you discover things that make you happy and it enlightens you to the meaning of your purpose. 

Putting yourself first does not mean that you are neglecting the needs of others, rather, you are building your authenticity much stronger to be able to give your love to others wholeheartedly. When you take care and love yourself, you are embracing what makes you “you”. 

Identify Your Purpose

Although we all need to make a living in order to survive in this world, do you ever feel that your career is your true purpose? Are you doing what makes you feel alive? Are you able to fulfill your life’s purpose? Think deeply. Be mindful of the situations that make you feel satisfied and deeply happy. 

It is important that you are able to identify your purpose in life to be able to cultivate your authenticity. You should be able to connect yourself to your purpose to bring out the real you. 

Doing this is not an overnight process. Sometimes it may even take a whole lifetime to be able to do so, but it does not mean that you should stop discovering it and try living it. Enjoy the process.

Your authenticity is what makes you, “you”. It is the core that makes you fulfill your purpose that gives meaning to your existence. When you are able to cultivate your authenticity, you start “living”- for yourself and others. 


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