How to Direct Yourself Towards Self-Love

From the day of our conception, we already chose to love ourselves. Out of all the million possibilities to have that chance to be brought out to the world, the determination and the will to have a life took place. Now, is that not a way to start loving yourself? To start living? And to be a part of something beautiful? The power of self-love is so strong that it creates our purpose as a human being. 

What is Self-Love?

Self-love is an act of appreciating the wholeness of oneself- the body, mind and soul. It is the foundation of the well-being of a person. Self-love is a beautiful state that should not be mistaken for narcissism. It accepts your body, rather than to deny. It helps you grow your mind rather than to fixate. And lastly, it heals your soul rather than to hurt. 

Your Body is Unique, No Other Individual Has the Same Kind

People look different. Even if they are identical twins, there are still differences even if it is small. This is why one should not compare their physical appearance to others. Look beyond the “imperfections” to accept the uniqueness of your body. For example, you lost an arm, or maybe you were even born without one, this should not stop you from loving yourself and embracing your individuality. Instead of surrendering yourself to the limitations of your situation, you will be surprised at what you can do when you start accepting and loving your physical appearance. Our body has a purpose, it may look and function differently from others, but the important thing is that we are comfortable and confident in what our body can do. 

The Mind as a Powerful Tool in Loving Yourself

Love is an emotion wherein the mind plays an important role in feeling it. There may be a million things that will enter your mind, but it is vital that you know how to focus your mind on what is important. It is essential to achieve clarity so as to direct your mind on what to do first. Do you feel that you are being surrounded by toxic people that suddenly affects your mood? Your mind has the power to let yourself cut from those toxic people and the environment. By doing so, you will feel free and let yourself be yourself and not be conscious of what other people are imposing on you. You know yourself better than anyone else. And by doing mindful practice on what makes you happy, loving yourself will not be as hard as you think. 

Soul is the Ethereal Equivalent of the Human Body

As mentioned in the first part, the soul is a part of the wholeness of oneself. The soul is often associated with the spirituality of a person. As you feed your body with food, one should also feed its soul. Being in touch with your inner soul will help you love yourself more. There is a sense of peace, clarity and calmness if you give yourself time to strengthen your spirituality. It is the unworldliness of the soul that gives you the nudge to do great things. And by doing great things, you are nourishing yourself with love thus healing from emotional wounds. 

Self-Love is the Ultimate Gift

Self-love is the ultimate gift you can give yourself. You need to make yourself whole in order to know your purpose in life. It is not an act of selfishness. It is taking care of your body to take care of others in need. It is setting a positive mindset to encourage and inspire the lost. It strengthens your belief and spirituality so that when you encounter a bump or downfall, you know you are strong enough to get up. Sometimes it may be hard, but keeping a mindful practice that you are whole- body, mind and soul, loving yourself will come naturally as how you have loved yourself from the beginning.

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