How To Grow Spiritually With Your Partner

Start building spirituality alongside your significant other.

Being in a relationship means having the courage and willingness to nurture the relationship with your partner. Saying yes to the partnership is only the beginning but for the seed to truly grow, it is imperative for couples to give their time in developing their relationship in all aspects--- emotionally, mentally and most of all, spiritually. 

Always remember, that you are two individuals. With this in mind, it is always good to remember that though you agreed to be together, you are two human beings coming from different backgrounds. Accepting this reality will help you to understand that a relationship should not be based on your expectations and ideals alone, but that you as a couple are two beings that have come together to be more than lovers, but partners in life. 

Normally, couples would always set aside and schedule a date night on the weekend even with a busy schedule. But do you set aside a time to dedicate your attention to your spirituality? Let’s be honest, not all couples do this. But building your spirituality together makes for a better and healthier relationship. 

Pray or meditate together. It sounds simple, but it may be a little more difficult than you imagine. Prayer is something personal to you, a conversation with God and to share this with another person is letting in your partner to your inner self.  To grow spiritually together, you can start with praying together. Having a meditation practice works as well. Whether both of you share the same beliefs or not, learn to respect each other’s faith or conviction. You do not always have to agree on everything but honoring and recognizing each other’s point of view comes from a place of genuine understanding of each other. 

Be part of a supportive community. Whatever religion or beliefs that you have, you can both join a community that resonates with the both of you as a couple. Be surrounded by couples and other people that are supportive--a community your relationship can depend on. As human beings, it has been ingrained in our biology to be part of a community as being part of the community helps us in our growth as individuals, what more as a couple. 

Talk about your commitment to your beliefs. Remember that the key to a healthy relationship is communication. It’s best to talk about how committed you will be in growing your spirituality together so that you can set realistic expectations of each other. Working on your spirituality takes time and effort, and it takes double effort when you’re working it with someone. It will take a lot of commitment but it’ll make the journey to self-discovery more worthwhile. 

Working on your spirituality together at home is challenging and requires work, but it is definitely doable and possible only if there is the willingness of the mind and heart to connect with the spirit. It will take time and there will be moments when you feel it’s not working. You’ll even question yourself --- is she the one or is he the one. Relish the moments that you are together. It is being present in the relationship that makes every moment, whether it be painful or not worth experiencing. 


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