Is he/ she the one?

Finding the right partner for me. 

Our idea of a “perfect” relationship stems from the expectations shaped by the reality of the society that we live in. From childhood to adult life, we are injected with what should be a “perfect relationship.” And this goes to show in other aspects of our lives--- like our career or finances. Our beliefs are continuously shaped by the collective truths formed by our society. 

Hence, as we look for a partner, we come up with ideals, for some, even a checklist is at play and we are stuck in the fantasy of finding the one for us. Often than not, we miss out on the opportunity to have meaningful relationships and connections with a person because we are cocooned inside these ideals. 

Break the Illusion 

Our advice, throw your list out of the window. But why might you ask? First of all, we are not saying that you have to lower your standards when it comes to finding a partner. Having standards has its own merit. Sure, you can keep your list, however, do treat it as a guideline--- not an unbreakable, holy list. Remember that this list exists in your mind, thoughts that you have formed; an identity of the “perfect partner” influenced by your own belief system. 

We impose and project what we want and desire to our future partners without realizing that these are illusions. There is no “perfect man or woman” based on your perceived reality but there can exist a meaningful and deep connection when we learn to let go of these attachments. 

Enjoy the Process 

When we are so focused on our ideal man or woman, we lose the ability to be present. We lose focus on what the NOW has to offer. Have you ever found yourself overthinking about the other person, that instead of relishing the moment spent, your mind flies elsewhere? You then miss the opportunity to truly connect at a deeper level. Because let’s face it, the partner our soul yearns for is beyond what the conscious, thinking mind expects. We, as human beings, are programmed to connect. It’s at the very core of our being. 

Recognizing the process and honoring the NOW results in an awareness of inner knowing or our inner compass. It is through this, that you can access your intuition and gain wisdom if this person has been sent by the universe. Not necessarily, your “perfect match” but the soul that is essential to help you achieve your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. 

Be Aware of your Relationship Patterns 

The universe favors no one but, throws your way what you need. You are either lucky or unlucky in finding LOVE. Human beings are creatures of habit and more often than not, we find ourselves in similar situations without even realizing that it’s a result of those patterns. Then, we curse the universe without even checking in with ourselves. We are ready to blame others for our misfortune in relationships and throw tantrums for not figuring out the “one.” 

Before your start hollering at the universe, it’s time to clear your relationship blocks. It’s not instant but working on these blocks results in an immense, wider perspective on love and relationships. 

You are ENOUGH 

Finding unconditional love from another person should start with your acceptance that you are enough. You are enough to receive love and to give love. How many of us try to fill the void in our lives by finding the one? Unfortunately, it does not work that way. Finding the one is finding yourself. Accepting the one in your life is learning to accept yourself. 

As you change your belief about yourself, you change your life. You see, love is always and will be available for everyone. Love is abundant but you have to first look from within. To find love is to know and wholeheartedly believe that you are lovable. You deserve the same love from others the way you love yourself. 

The love of your life starts with you. You can only attract the one for you if you in your heart recognize that the longest relationship you will ever have is with yourself without depending on your partner for everlasting LOVE. 


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