Real True Love is Nothing like We’re Taught

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Raise your hand if your parents want you to meet your knight in shining armor and live happily ever after. Raise your hand if you’ve been told that your true love will never hurt you, never make mistakes and always treat you like a Queen. Lastly, raise your hand if you’ve been conditioned to believe that it’s wrong to get divorced or breakup a family, even sinful and unforgiveable to some families. All of these are LIES. Conditioning put on us by society & religion. None are true to the human condition or spiritual soul contracts. Twin Flames teach you what real true love is and dissolve all of this conditioning, opening you up to the deepest and most profound unconditional love you will ever experience.

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What are these false ideologies about true love?

We grow up believing in a fantasy that we will meet our soulmate when we’re young, fall madly in love, get married, have children and live happily ever after. Life will always be perfect! We are also trained to think that we can never get divorced and breaking up the home is the worst thing we can do. So if we become unhappy with the person we chose to marry in our early adulthood when we barely even know ourselves let alone understand what love really feels like, we are stuck sacrificing ourselves for the rest of our lives. Why? Because we made a contract. Breaking that would make God and your family unhappy. It would also hurt your kids, which is unforgiveable.

Let me ask you a question, do you really think that God wants you to spend your life miserable and unhappy?

Let me break this down into separate sections so it doesn’t get confusing.

Do white knights really exist? Is happily ever after real?

The answers are No and Maybe, but not how you think.

Do you recognize that we are all human? By definition, humans are not perfect. We make mistakes. We disappoint others and hurt them even without intending to. Good people who don’t suffer from any emotional trauma or deep wounds are incapable of being perfect and never hurting even their beloved soulmate. But add to that, the fact that many people DO suffer deep wounds and traumas, and you have a recipe for imperfect relationships a majority of the time. Maybe there is, I would say, a small percentage of people who don’t have significant wounds or have been able to overcome them to have successful healthy relationships. Maybe they get to meet a soulmate and magically live happily ever after easily and quickly. The vast majority of people aren’t that lucky.

The majority of people have suffered inner child or self-worth wounds or other emotional traumas that significantly affect their ability to be in healthy relationships. Due to these wounds, they have defense mechanisms and attachment disorders that cause them to have negative behavior patterns that hurt relationships or even withdraw from relationships altogether. Does that mean that they don’t deserve love and happiness? No! But it does mean that they are not knights in shining armor, always behaving perfectly. It means their relationships require work and healing, but with true love, it’s worth it.

What does True Love mean?

When you truly, deeply love someone, you love all of them, warts and all. Because no one is perfect and no relationship is perfect. It’s not about finding a mythological perfect knight who doesn’t exist. It’s about finding the person you love so deeply and so profoundly, that you can’t live without them, no matter what their faults are or what trials & tribulations your relationship endures, both internally and externally.

What about that Maybe for Happily Ever After?

This answer is twofold. Is happily ever after real? No, not if you believe that you can find a perfect person and have a perfect relationship forever. That is a myth, and it is harmful to cast those expectations on anyone. No one can ever live up to that. But, can happily ever after be real? Yes, if or when you find that person who is your soulmate or twin flame who you have a soul connection with. Who despite any flaws or circumstances, your love for that person exceeds anything and everything. Then yes, you can live happily ever after. It may require overcoming odds and difficulties. It may require breaking society’s rules. And it will definitely require managing the ups and downs of life and relationships together. But that’s inevitable no matter what. Loving someone like that is the purest love that exists, and despite any difficulty, you can live happily ever after.

So that partner who is a little rough around the edges, grew up in a rough home, or suffered other difficulties in life is just as deserving of feeling unconditionally loved. They may struggle to accept it, and that is where the relationship can go through rocky periods, healing those wounds to accept this level of pure love. But it’s worth it for the person you’re meant to be with.

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What about society or religion’s rules?

Just as I said above, do you really think God wants you to spend your life miserable? Discussing your beliefs about who or what God is could be another lengthy topic. Let’s get straight to this point. God is not a vengeful Deity who wants to force you down a path not meant for you. Quite frankly that sounds more like Satan if you ask me. God is not holding you to a choice you made when you are young and inexperienced in life, or simply hadn’t yet found the One!

I have learned quite a lot about the origin of souls, their existence, reincarnation, life between lives and more. I can tell you this, for one, part of God is your own soul and Higher Self simply on a different dimension or astral plane. God and your Higher Self are always trying to guide you down the path meant for you to your destiny, which your soul chooses before incarnating. But we as humans take time to figure life out! Life is meant to be a series of lessons in our human form. To understand the difference between certain things such as young love and true soul connections. Many people get married thinking they have found the one and this is forever. But over time you both change and evolve. You become different people, and you understand life differently. You may also discover deeper soul connections. We have soul contracts with the different people in our lives, for both the good and the bad. Your soulmate or twin flame are your sacred soul marriages. Ultimately, God and your Higher Self only care about your soul marriages. It doesn’t matter if one or both of you married someone who wasn’t the right one.

What do you do?

Follow your heart. Your soul marriages are unbreakable soul connections. Twin flames know this deeply. Twin Flames are real true loves. These are loves who you cannot walk away from no matter what. The pain of trying to break a twin flame soul connection is the most unbearable pain you can ever experience. I know many twin flames who have wanted to kill themselves rather than endure that pain of breaking the connection. It’s debilitating. I have not met one person who is not a twin flame who can understand that, but it doesn’t matter.

Twin Flames, you have permission to feel that and know it, with your whole body and soul, and live the life you are meant to live regardless of what anyone else thinks. Do not feel guilty for choosing a different path. Do not feel bad about ending a marriage to be truly, deeply happily with the person who is your soul marriage. We are not meant to sacrifice our lives and our happiness to fulfill a marriage contract we made when we didn’t know better. (And I didn’t even touch on abusive or emotionally unstable marriages!)

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What about children?

I have a Masters in Psychology and I can tell you that the worst thing you can do to your children is raise them in an unhappy home, modeling unhealthy relationship patterns & teaching them to sacrifice their own happiness just like you. If you want your children to be happy in life, they need to learn healthy attachment patterns & relationship dynamics or they will just end up in unhealthy relationships themselves. They cannot learn that in an unhappy home where you are sacrificing yourself.

Additionally, you cannot be the best parent to them if you are unhappy. You can’t even take good care of yourself, when you’re unhappy! Physical & mental health declines, just for yourself. Plus, stress, sadness, anger, frustration, anxiety, etc. cause you to be less patient, less understanding, less attentive, etc., to your children. Less focused on the right, healthy activities for them & less quality time with them because you are surviving instead of thriving. An unhappy relationship creates an unhappy home. That is the worst thing you can do to your kids.

Parents want to believe they can give their children a perfect upbringing and life. But please revisit a few sections up where I explained how perfect individuals don’t exist. A perfect upbringing for children is impossible, and quite frankly, also a disservice to them. Do you want them to grow up entitled and selfish? Children have to experience the ups and downs of life as well in order to learn resilience, hard work, determination, perseverance, humility, selflessness & more. Children should also learn what true love looks like, and how to be in a healthy, happy relationship. Those are the best gifts you can give your children. Breaking up a home is not the worst thing to happen to them. Living in an unhappy home is.

How do Twin Flames change all this?

Twin Flame connections force people to understand all of this, heal, make changes in their lives and release all of this false religious conditioning and society templates. Twin Flame relationships may fly in the face of what many people around you believe. It is not always logical. It is heart and intuition based. It’s what you feel in your whole entire being. It doesn’t always make psychological sense either (based in therapy or life coaching teachings) because it’s a spiritual experience and awakening. It’s a higher level of living, integrating your soul with your 3D thinking. Family members, even parents, may disagree with your decisions, possibly from breaking society’s rules, or possibly from loving someone who is damaged, because they don’t understand. (And aren’t we all damaged in some way?) But true love doesn’t care. Twin Flame love is truly unconditional. (You have no idea how completely until you experience it.) It’s also hard! (Fair warning, not that you have a choice. Because it’s transformational.) And it is the deepest, most profound and eternal love you can ever experience. Twin Flames almost always have multiple past lives together, and loving your twin transcends lifetimes and all eternity. Do not feel guilty for finding, loving and choosing your Twin Flame. Do not listen to haters, no matter who they are. Give yourself permission to live the life meant for you, which is true to your soul purpose. There is nothing selfish about that. Choose you, your happiness and your life together with your Twin. Trust me, God approves.


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