Removing Negative Energy in Your Home

Our living space may accrue negative energies depending on the objects and arrangements you bring into it

The Home is a Microcosm of You and Your Life

The place we live in is a microcosm of who we are as a people. It can even be said that our lives are heavily influenced by it in more ways than one. A home filled with negative energy is akin to sending out an invitation to all sorts of problems, troubles, and misfortunes. Thus, removing these negative energies from your home is equivalent to removing them from your life. 

How can you tell if these forces have infested your household? It’s not as if you can call some sort of repairman or technician to assess the negativity levels of your home. Well, perhaps you may be experiencing these effects either physically or mentally --- or most likely even both at the same time. Another sign of negativity in the home is when tragedies or accidents tend to appear out of nowhere, almost inexplicably. 

The good news is that it is definitely possible to rid your house of negative energies through our own actions.We will be focusing on some general principles on how to neutralize negativity in order for us to be able to accomplish “energy clearing” in our homes.

Rituals and Routines

First off, you can start with a little bit of spring cleaning. Negative energies are retained in everyday household items. If you have things that are broken or discarded, then there is an opportunity for negativity to accumulate. Make an effort to establish a routine of tidying up and getting rid of unnecessary objects. 

By cleaning our possessions and keeping them in good condition, we are adding beauty to our lives. Simply put, the more beautiful our home is, the more we bring in positive energy. 

Another thing that you can easily do from time to time is to clear the air in your room. Just open your windows to let in a fresh breeze. Think of this as a way of ventilating the negative energy from your home. Conversely, you can also burn some incense to add positive energy brought about by a fragrance that brings you joy. 

Using sound can also be an effective way of driving away negative energy. Striking a Tibetan singing bowl or ringing a bell are excellent methods to repel negative energies. At the same time, you are also summoning positive vibrations inside your home.  

First Aid Feng Shui

When studied and implemented correctly, Feng Shui does wonders for removing the negative energies in your home. There is also a huge wealth of information available that you can easily try out for yourself prior to consulting a full-on Feng Shui master. 
While not everyone’s cup of tea, you can also try exploring a few elements of Feng Shui. Certain items such as mirrors, sharp edges, furniture, etc, will attract negative energies when placed in incompatible areas. The placement openings, such as windows and doors, also have a special significance to this ancient art of managing energy flow.

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