Setting Happiness as your Core Amidst All the Chaos

During this particular moment in time, it is not so difficult to be entrapped in all the chaos that is happening around us. Compared to the world we live in, we are just a tiny speck of living matter who is trying to survive whatever comes our way. Scary as it may seem, some people feel claustrophobic at the same time, shattered, in all the  pandemonium taking place. Some may even question their purpose and lose interest in what tomorrow may bring. 

Look Into the Small Things to See the Big Picture

For people who have had too much, it is as hard to get up from bed as lying down to fall asleep. Try to make baby steps and see where these small steps can take you. Get up from your bed, stretch your arms, take a deep breath, close your eyes and be mindful of all that matters around you. Remember that every small sound you hear, the slightest touch of air passing through your skin and the glimmer of light striking your eyes have different purposes that can affect your well-being. Embrace it all and think that all these things that served you and continue serving you will help you live in this big world doing your own purpose and creating happiness while doing so. 

Your Definition of Happiness may be Different from Others

The definition and levels of happiness varies to different people. Sometimes people get lost to their meaning and sense of happiness in the whirlwind of thoughts and emotions of other people surrounding them. Yes, we are sometimes better in sharing the same likes and dislikes of our peers and family, but sometimes, some get confused about their own feelings and emotions as they try to compare what makes them happy to other people’s happiness. Once this happens, a feeling of loneliness, dissatisfaction and bewilderment will cloud a person’s mind and body. One should try to define what makes them happy and make it their core feeling and keep it strong so that no matter what other people may say, your clarity to your own definition of happiness will always stay intact and solid. 

When You Find What Makes You Happy, Assess Your Feelings Whether if it Serves You a Good Purpose or Will Just Destroy Your Whole Being 

For those people who are already buried deep into the chaos, it is sometimes hard to dig themselves up and settle to the comfort of a small whole that gives little light and air to live. They think that this little room that gives them security is enough to satisfy their needs, not being mindful that there is still a lot of dirt covering their potential to reach their maximum happiness and well-being. The state of this small space that they cling into that gives temporary joy and satisfaction will one day crumble and may bury them deeper from where they were used to be. 

Strengthen Your Core of Happiness and You Will Find Victory Over Chaos

Once you find what truly makes you happy that gives purpose and meaning to live your life, all good things shall follow. You will be able to see happiness in every small situation you may encounter- in your work, your family, social interactions and even in times of solitude. In a world where we live there are lots of curve balls being thrown at us, and it will be much easier for us to hit and bounce back if we always keep a good sense of clarity and mindfulness on what we really live for and for what makes us happy.

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