Showing Gratitude Raises Vibrations In All Aspects Life

When talking about “vibrations”; we are referring to a combination of thoughts, emotions, energy, and mindset. We often hear the term “having low vibrations,” and “having high vibrations, or good vibrations” to describe the certain “something” being emanated by other people. These terms could also be used to describe ourselves as a person. 

Having a positive outlook in life is a sign that a person has high vibrations. These people are the ones that tend to attract positive outcomes in their life, simply because their attitudes are geared towards being able to do so. Rather than focusing on negative things, or having low vibrations, their mental energy builds up to become self-sustaining instead of being a source of brain drain. People who operate with a high vibration in life are better able to pursue whatever their higher purpose. Higher vibrations can also help increase the chances of succeeding ,by adding to our resilience and ability to bounce back from failures.

Showing gratitude is one of the best ways to raise the vibrations in your life. By being thankful for whatever it is that we have in life — be it people, possessions, situations, opportunities, etc. — we are creating higher vibrations. In effect, carrying this attitude in life will inevitably lead to attracting even more things with the same high vibrations. Think of this situation as depositing a small amount of good karma in your personal karma account each and every time you show gratitude.

The good news is that you can practice showing gratitude wherever you are, and at any time you wish to do so. A good way to establish a habit of showing gratitude is by starting off your day with this practice. You can do this by expressing verbal affirmations to the things you are grateful for. It doesn’t necessarily have to be towards anything grandiose, fancy, or plentiful. Starting with something as simple as being thankful towards experiencing a brand new day is enough to get you going. 

An exercise you can do is creating a chain being grateful. For example, one of my favorite things to do in the morning is to have a cup of freshly brewed coffee. You can begin by either mentally stating to yourself, or speaking out loudly (depends on your preference) “I am thankful for this coffee.” Then you move on to being thankful to another thing related to the coffee, like having a job that provides you with a salary, that allows you to be able to buy coffee, and so on. 

Different people have different things that they are thankful for, but you get the idea. Showing gratitude is the main thing, and the more we are able to express gratitude and thankfulness; the higher our vibrations become. This habit also reinforces the idea that whatever we have in life at this very moment is already everything we truly need in order to experience and pursue true happiness. It gives us the faith to believe that whatever we have right now is enough for us to work with. 

I’m pretty certain that many of us have experienced failure, disappointment, and hopelessness at some point. I’m also sure that on more than one occasion, especially at the low points in our lives, we blamed it on some outside factor instead of turning inwards and having a sincere look at our own shortcomings?  This behavior, outlook, mindset —whatever you care to call it— is the exact opposite of showing gratitude. It is the sort of thing that leads to lowering your vibration because you are choosing to complain about the miseries of life and choosing to wallow in it. 

Of course, negativity is just as much a part of life as the positive. However, what people should realize is that we have the power to choose which side we wish to lean towards. Another benefit that showing gratitude can accomplish for us to have higher vibrations is being able to build self-confidence as opposed to developing an inferiority complex. Having confidence in ourselves can make all the difference when it comes to having a better life or being dragged towards a life filled with misery and suffering.

If your mind is focused on what it “can’t achieve or attain”, then that is what the mind will decide to accomplish.  Showing gratitude is a passive form of positive reinforcement that serves as fuel to propelling us towards getting the things that we want for ourselves in this life. Always keep in mind that showing gratitude and being thankful is a self-perpetuating act that gives us higher vibrations. 

Each of us came into existence to serve a higher purpose that’s unique to every single person. Being able to appreciate this fact of life is already an act of showing gratitude. We should take full advantage of the time that has been afforded to us in this world.  And what better way to do so than by taking a moment to show our gratitude for being given this special opportunity?


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