Simple Rituals to Honor Yourself During A New Moon

The New Moon Brings the Energy of Renewal and Rebirth to the Spirit 

The New Moon is an opportunity of renewal--- a time to start anew and reset your goals. The energy of the New Moon promises a phase of realizing, manifesting and achieving your dreams. 

Performing a ritual on a new moon is a symbolic action to connect with the forces that are far greater than ourselves. By tapping on the energy that the New Moon graciously shares with us, we are harnessing our inner power and strength to become the true creators of our reality. 

Simple New Moon Rituals 

Candle Ritual 

Set your new intentions during the New Moon. Choose a word or words that best suit your intention. Carve the words to the candle. Before lighting the candle, meditate and reflect on your intention. When ready, burn the candle. 

Burn and Release Ritual 

Perform this ritual to release any baggage that is holding you down. For you to make space for the new, you need to clear any energy that keeps you from realizing your true potential. Prepare a piece of paper and write down what you need to let go of the most. Choose the most pertinent attachment or negativity that you wish to release to the universe. Burn the piece of paper afterward. 

Cleansing Ritual 

During the New Moon, take this opportunity to cleanse your space. Our physical space--- where we eat, sleep, breathe-- can be a vessel for negative energies. Clear your home of these unwanted energies by burning palo santo or sage. You can also use singing bowls to recalibrate the energetic vibrations of your space. 

Think of the new moon as a blank page, wherein you are being summoned to be an active participant in the genesis of a new chapter. You are planting new seeds through a New Moon Ritual. This is the perfect time to initiate, cultivate, and create space for you to turn your desires into reality.


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