Simple Ways to Heal Yourself

Life as we know it has its ups and downs. Sometimes you may feel that you are stuck in that pit of hurt, loneliness, and pain and you cannot seem to climb back up from the darkness. The hardest part of it all is that you are all alone and no matter how hard you try to shout out for help, no words come out. 

Now, how do you get yourself out of this situation? It might look hard, but you can do it if you follow these simple steps. The process may take longer for some people and it really depends on how committed the person is to heal oneself. Just remember that there is no specific time frame of healing. Some people heal after just a few days, some after weeks and months, and some take years to achieve it. 

Have a Well-Rested Sleep

An adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep every day to feel rested and function well the next day. Sleeping is a privilege that must not be taken for granted as it gives a lot of benefits to your body- physically, mentally, and emotionally. When you get enough sleep, you strengthen your immune system. Meaning, you may not get sick that easily and if you are, the chances of recovering are much faster than not getting a full sleep. 

Another benefit of getting a well-rested sleep is having a better mood. Now, who would not want that? If you are in a good mood, not only you feel happy about yourself, but you also pass on that happiness to the people around you. When your body feels great and packed with energy, you are more open to the healing process. It’s a simple and practical activity but this will surely have a big impact on your healing.

Always Hope For the Best

Having hope is one of the ways to teach your mind that good things are about to come. And when you keep an optimistic mind, you give out positive energy to the universe and that same positivity will bounce right back at you. 

Have you ever been in a situation wherein all things seem to be all wrong your entire day? This is because you started the day on a bad note. The rest of the day,  you keep on attracting negative energy that the simplest circumstances seem not to be in your favor. Try to flip your luck and just think of positive things. Hope, that even when things go wrong, there is still good that will come from it. When you start thinking this way, you will feel a sigh of relief that you were able to overcome any difficult situation. If you keep your hope every day and you think positively, it will not take long to fully heal yourself from whatever pain you are going through. Always remember that whatever situation you are in, it too will pass. 

Write Down Your Thoughts and Feelings

Do not bottle up your thoughts and feelings. Your mind and heart can only take so much that if you repress yourself, you may burst out like a loose canyon one day. Keep a journal. Before going to sleep, reflect and contemplate what happened to you that day. Jot down the situations you have been through, what are your thoughts about it and how do you feel about what happened? Writing all these down helps your mind process what went wrong, and what went good. This is a healthy way to keep yourself in check. Once your mind is able to process it, you are ready to face another day. 

Everybody Has a Purpose. You Have a Purpose

Always remember that you are brought into this world because you have a purpose. We get up every day to serve our soul’s purpose. Unfortunately, when we are in a state of pain, our purpose gets cloudy and we are not sure of what we are supposed to do. When this happens, think of the kind of person you want to be. Imagine what kind of impact you want to leave on the people close to you or your community. What is the legacy that you want to leave behind? 

Are you a full-time parent and sometimes you feel you have no worth because you do not bring home the bacon? Think again, who keeps the family together? Who takes care of your family when somebody gets sick? Who organizes the house? It is you! You have a purpose. You might not know it, but you should acknowledge the fact that you are helping your family, and that is good enough. 

Are you a doctor and feel that your life is on call 24/7 on-call? Tiring? Yes. But you should keep in mind that your purpose is to heal people, to help people in their recovery, give them hope, and sometimes, to be the shoulder to lean on when medicine can no longer help your patient. You do good for other people and that in itself is a humbling experience that as a human being, you have a purpose! 

There is no time frame in healing. You do it at your own pace and do it in the best possible way for yourself. The key is learning to listen and paying attention to yourself. Sometimes, the very answer to your healing is already with you--- it’s not out there. You have no other stronger help than yourself. Trust that you will be healed, if not today, not tomorrow and not in the following months to come, but you will be healed. Take those small steps and the next thing you know, you are where you should be. 


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