Simple Ways to Maintain a Positive Energy at Home

Being Mindful of How Energy Flows in Your Home  Refreshes Your Own Energy 

Have you ever felt that something seems to be off in your surroundings? Do you sense at times that the energy in your home feels blocked resulting to unproductivity? Energy is invisible to the naked eye but the being in you knows that energy exists. 

The flow of energy from our surroundings affects us. Your breathing physical space can accumulate negative or stagnant energy through time. As such, practicing energy space clearing and cleansing in your own home is beneficial to your own well-being. 

Make Decluttering a Routine 

Energy flows freely when you dispose of things that are no longer in use. When you hold onto things that no longer serve you, you are unconsciously clinging to past energies that may be bringing low-frequency vibrations. Instead of scheduling a decluttering day, create a daily routine to slowly declutter inside your home. Eliminating clutter helps your senses to stay focused and your energy free of unwanted baggage. 

Allow Natural Light into Your Home 

Natural light shining openly in our home can raise the mood and energy of your space. Open your windows and let the light come in from nature. By doing so, we benefit from the energy that keeps us feeling connected to the vitality of our natural environment. 

Smudge Away and Clear the Air 

One of the easiest ways to cleanse our home of negative energy is by using sage or incense. Before burning the sage smudge stick, open all the windows and doors of your home. Walk around your house as you waft the burning sage stick in each corner of your space. 

Your home is the reflection of your inner environment. Notice how you feel the same way inside when your space is cluttered or operating on a low frequency. Remember that you are connected to your surroundings. Think of yourself as an energy keeper and by cleansing your own space, you set an atmosphere that invigorates your own energy.


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