Simple Ways to Practice Compassion and Kindness in our Daily Lives

Compassion and kindness are both acts of goodness that we do for others. These may seem small deeds, but truth to be told, when we practice compassion and kindness in our daily lives, these acts may greatly affect the lives of the people we share them with. These mindful practices are so strong that it creates a ripple effect on our community and maybe on the whole world. Why? Because when we offer compassion and kindness even to just one person a day, we are leaving them a great feeling of comfort and relief that they would also want to pass on these feelings to others who may need it too. 

Start Compassion and Kindness with Yourself

We may not know it, but sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves. As the cliché goes, “nobody is perfect”. So stop beating yourself and start being kind and compassionate to your needs. Did your heart get broken? Give yourself time to understand what went wrong then move forward. Be compassionate and kind by letting yourself heal from the wounds you got from that relationship. The clarity of your heart and mind are important to start feeling comfort and happiness once again. 

Now, how about a much simpler scenario? You’ve been wanting to eat that piece of chocolate cake but are too afraid that it might affect your weight. Again, stop beating yourself up and eat that chocolate cake! Imagine that feeling of happiness and contentment when you take that bite. Give yourself some room for joy and satisfaction. As long as you are mindful of what is going to help you and not to hurt you. 

Don’t Go Too Far, the Person Who Might Need Compassion and Kindness Might be the One Next to You

Sometimes we may be caught up in our own struggles that the sufferings of the one closest to us might be left unnoticed. It is not bad at all that we accept our own brawls, but it is also important that we become sensitive to the feelings of the people around us. Take for example your spouse. He/she comes home from work, tired and stressed but doesn’t look like it. Eat dinner with the family and be with you and your children until bedtime, not showing any signs of weakness. On the other hand, you too are all tired and stressed from all the days work you’ve done. Both of you need compassion and kindness. Despite all that stress and tiredness, try talking with one another before ending the day. Sip a glass of wine, a cup of tea, or whatever soothes you both. Words of comfort, life advice or maybe even just a hug can be a way of showing compassion and kindness to the other. 

Show Compassion and Kindness to Those Who Have Wronged You

This may be a tough one to do and it may take a little while to show compassion and kindness to those who have wronged and hurt you. It will take a lot of courage and healing to be able to do this, and that is totally fine. Achieve clarity of your mind and heart and don’t let the feeling of anger and revenge linger in your system. In any case that you no longer see that person, know in your heart that you have forgiven and that you are compassionate and kind to that person by wishing him/her well in wherever he/she may be. 

Showing compassion and kindness each and every day may not feel like always a walk in the park. We are all human. It is totally normal to feel sad, hurt, and angry at times and it may seem impossible to show compassion and kindness in those moments. Nonetheless, holding a door for somebody, giving up a seat to those who needed it more, or even just a simple smile, is already an act of showing compassion and kindness to others because you don’t know how much it may matter to the person you extended it to.


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