Talking About The Twin Flame Phenomenon

A Reflection of the One Soul

Twin Flame is a word that’s thought to be the same as a soulmate, which really isn’t the case. So, what then is the difference between soulmate or twinflame

In reality, these two concepts are different from each other. When a soul rises or ascends in a high enough frequency or vibration, the soul has the ability to split in two different bodies. Therefore, a twin flame is from one soul, and that means YOU only have one twin flame across your lifetimes. 

Your twin flame is therefore quite literally a twin... a mirror, an exact reflection of yourself. When you find your twin flame, you will notice that you both share similar experiences in your life. Your twin flame is more inclined to choose interests that are mutual to yours, for example, choosing a course on medicine, taking on the same unique type of music, or picking the same strong passion on animal conservation, to name a few. Both of you pick these choices and share similar experiences. 

Eventually, these two parts of a soul meet. 

Are Twin Flames destined to spend this lifetime with one another? 

Now, you might think that your twin flame is the one for you, but that’s not always true. You and your twin will share a lot of commonalities from your past and present lifetimes, and this will incline you to be attracted to each other. However, twin flame relationships are often intense, special, and on a whole, from another level. It becomes so intense that twins actually end up pissing each other off, in a way, if there is no awareness or consciousness for both beings.

Twin flame relationships may not be the best form of romantic relationship out there if we base it on societal standards of what a relationship should be. Since your twin is a mirror, it not only reflects the good things about you, but also your worst. 

Meeting your Twin Flame

Before meeting one’s twin flame, you should develop self-love and self-respect. So that, when you do meet your twin, you are ready to accept both the good and the bad, whether it be positive  or the insecurities or flaws you will encounter.  Meeting your twin flame is extremely rare and very precious, it would be unfortunate to pass such an opportunity when your soul isn’t ready for the union. 

A spark has been ignited inside of you when you meet your twin flame. It’ll feel as if you know the person even by looking into their eyes. This definitely comes with challenging issues and experiences, but this will teach you how to cope, how to accept yourself and how to heal. 

A twin flame relationship may or may not be a romantic one. However, it will set you on the right path of self-discovery, self-love and alignment with your soul’s purpose.  


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