Tarot Cards: Reading Into Love

People Often Wonder Which Tarot Cards Crop Up In A Tarot Reading Regarding Love and Relationships. We’ve Compiled A List Just For You! 

One of the most common subjects that many people wonder about during a tarot reading is love. Whether you’re looking for guidance on a relationship (past, present, future), or simply curious to learn just more about what love holds in store for you ---  tarot readings often provide meaningful insights regarding this topic. 

In any case, there are specific cards that you can draw during a tarot reading that is connected to your love life. However, there are also cards that pertain to non-partnership relationships such as family, friends, coworkers, etc. Therefore, it would be beneficial for you to ask a specific set of questions or to set an intention during the tarot reading so that you can receive a better understanding of your love queries. 

We’ll be looking at some of these tarot cards based on the Major Arcanas first. Before diving too deep into other tarot concepts, simply keep in mind that the Major Arcanas pertain towards dominant aspects of your life while the Minor Arcanas are primarily concerned with the mundane and day-to-day facets of living. 

Major Arcanas in Relation to Love 

The Emperor

This card represents a firm male figure, but it’s also appropriate to be referencing a life partner. When this card appears upright, it represents that you have a very stable relationship. Likewise, if it is in reverse, then it holds the opposite meaning and you might need to reexamine certain rules, regulations, guidelines, etc. 

The Empress

The Empress alludes to a very bountiful relationship when it appears in your Tarot Reading upright. If associated with a life partner, this shows that you are both very passionate about your relationship and are able to express it with one another (mostly on the physical side) freely and without any apprehensions. Meanwhile, if the card comes out in reverse then that means you are having trouble with the sensual side of your relationship. 

The Lovers

This card is a sign that your relationship is authentic and is held firmly by many intricate bonds. In general, The Lovers show that while you and your partner both grow and thrive as “your own self”, the partnership between you is all the more strengthened by both your contrasting traits and individual identities. When in reverse, this could mean that you both might need to do some work on developing your own identities and not being able to do so might actually do more harm rather than good to your relationship.  

The Hierophant

Lastly, The Hierophant appears during a Tarot Reading and points toward a long-term commitment. When it appears upright, this could mean that you and your significant other might be ready to take the next step, such as marriage. Conversely, the reverse of this card is a sign that might be telling you to take a moment to think things through prior to embarking on such a consequential life decision.


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