The Power of Meditation

First, we need to understand what meditation is. Meditation has been a practice for thousands of years ago mostly for religious purposes. It has been used by people to deepen their spirituality and focus their minds in attaining inner peace within themselves. As time evolves, people have been facing a more complicated world causing stress, anxiety and lack of focus which greatly affects their well-being. With this, meditation has been used as a technique to alleviate all these destructive feelings. Meditation is also used to release tensions in the body, to nurture love, kindness and peace. One of the most popular kinds of meditation is the Mindfulness Meditation wherein it focuses on slowing down thoughts and eliminating negativity. Whatever kind of meditation you prefer to practice, always remember that it is a training and a skill to master. Along the way, you will know what will best suit you and keep on going.  

Benefits of Meditation in our Daily Lives

Here are some of the benefits of meditation that will greatly affect your everyday life:

Reduces stress: It is very common for people to be experiencing a lot of stress from work, studies and even relationships. Stress often leads to depression, sleep deprivation and fatigue that affects people in dealing difficult situations. If under a lot of stress, there will be an increase of the stress hormone called cortisol. Having a high level of this hormone often causes an increase in heart rate and blood pressure that affects the health of the person. Having a meditation ritual helps in stabilizing this hormone that will be of great help in controlling stressful situations and preventing stress related diseases. 

Enhances love, kindness and compassion: Meditation stimulates the mind to show love, kindness and compassion. As you meditate, you focus your mind to positive thoughts that will then lead you to being more loving, kind and compassionate. As you go through your day, the positivity you built during meditation makes you more mindful of showing good traits to other people. 

Increases  attention span and concentration: As you meditate, you train your mind to be focused. During your first exercises of meditation, you focus on your breathing. You try to eliminate other thoughts and just keep on being mindful of your breathing pattern. With this, your mind is being taught to concentrate and expand focus on whatever you need to do. 

Promotes emotional health and well-being: As meditation reduces stress, enhances good attitude towards people and strengthens focus, it is evident that it will help in promoting emotional health and well-being. When your mind knows how to control yourself in facing stressful and harmful circumstances, the chances of you getting stress related illnesses will be reduced. When you show good towards other people, not only you will help others, but you will also help yourself in feeling good and happy. Lastly, when you know how to focus, you will know how to handle and solve problems without being anxious about it. When you exhibit all these, your overall well-being and physical health will improve and you will feel much better and confident as you face your daily life.


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