Trusting a Psychic Intuitive? As a Twin Flame?

Trusting a Psychic Intuitive? As a Twin Flame?


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Trusting a Psychic Intuitive? As a Twin Flame?

From here on out, I will be using the word intuitive instead of psychic. I hate the word psychic because of the negative connotation attached to it, as ingrained in us by society. Anyone on a spiritual path surely realizes how amazingly gifted many intuitives are.

Spiritual gifts are 100% real. I have been absolutely blown away by the level of detail and accuracy I have been given about myself and my twin flame, as well as other situations. Not every intuitive will connect with you, but when you find someone, or a few even, who do, you will find that they can “see” much more than you would think and help you much more than you can imagine.

Accordingly, the feedback I receive from my clients about the readings I’ve done for them never ceases to amaze me and blow me away as well. I am fully confident in my own gifts, primarily claircognizance, but when Spirit puts exact words, phrases, images, situations, in my mind, that make my client exclaim, “I can’t believe you just said that!” It humbles me and teaches me how much Spirit has our backs. I’m honored to be a vessel for Spirit.

Image by Esi Grünhagen from Pixabay

What to expect

I don’t want to focus on myself though. It feels tacky. I just wanted to acknowledge it and explain how I work and speak, so that everyone understands my language.

You will hear it in my videos and read it in my posts. I refer to Spirit just like that, or Angels, mine or yours. We all have Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides (or the Holy Spirit), which includes your own Higher Multidimensional Soul Self plus your lost Loved Ones, who are always with you and guiding you. This is “Spirit” who speaks to me and other intuitives for you when giving readings.

Also, the Readings section of my blog is going to focus on either collective readings or feedback.

What are the “clairs”?

Here is a quick overview on spiritual gifts:

  • Clairvoyance – vision, seeing images or scenes through the third eye
  • Claircognizance – just knowing things without knowing how, they just pop into your head (this is my primary gift, which is part of the reason it blows me away!)
  • Clairaudience – hearing messages in your mind or audibly
  • Clairsentience – feeling others’ emotions or physical ailments within yourself, also known as empaths; Twin Flames are strongly clairsentient with their counterpart!
  • Telepathy – connecting with another mentally so their thoughts come to you and yours to them; It’s important to note that you will not necessarily realize this. You don’t hear their voice in your head. A good example is when two people say the same thing at the same time.
  • Remote viewing – the ability to see where someone or something is through the third eye
  • Premonition – the ability to see or predict what is going to happen before it does
  • Mediumship – the ability to communicate with spirits

There’s a lot more we could cover, but this is a good amount of basics to get you started. Here is another great resource with a list of terms and definitions:

A Warning…

One more thing I want to address here, and it’s important as a warning to my twin flame community, is that as amazing and blown away you can be by true connected psychic medium intuitives, if they are not twin flames, they cannot understand the twin flame journey. That very important statement still applies!!

A client told me today that a psychic told her that twin flames are actually dark entity attachments! What a hugely ignorant statement! I really laughed at that. This actually sounds like someone confusing narcissists with twin flames.

There are similarities with narcissism during the unhealed and wounded stages of the twin flame journey as well as codependency issues that are healed over the course of the process. However, there are significant differences that I will discuss in its own post. But a quick summary is that narcissists don’t actually care and are only abusive, whereas twin flames, in their runner stages, still care, they just don’t know how to process what is happening to them so they are in reactive mode. Their defense mechanisms are on because they are in fear and protecting their inner child.

We will dive deep into that another time.

Why must twins be careful with psychics?

Psychic intuitives can tell you how your twin flame feels, what they want, what they are struggling with, what’s going on in karmic situations or other aspects of their lives, BUT they cannot tell you about your twin flame journey. Spirit doesn’t show them that.

The twin flame journey is also a spiritual healing and awakening process, guided by your Spirit Guides, however you want to think of them. They don’t reveal the intricacies of that to anyone. They don’t warn you if you’re going to have triggers or tests. They simply push you down the road you’re meant to travel until you learn everything you need to become healed and ready for this amazing connection.

Psychic intuitives can give you in the moment feedback, as readings are like a snapshot in time. Sometimes they can even give you timeframe predictions, but even that is a potential, it’s never a guarantee. But they can’t tell you about your journey, because Spirit is in control of that.

And emphatically again, if they are not a twin flame, they cannot understand what either of you are experiencing and they may give you bad advice still.

What’s your best plan?

My recommendation for anyone seeking Divine guidance is to use a combination of psychic intuitive advisers and twin flame advisers, who will analyze your connection and journey from that perspective to give you insight into where you each are at in the process and what needs to happen to come together.

Both counterparts can know they love each other and know they want to come together, but still not be ready to put that into action due to the lessons and transformation of the twin flame journey. That is something that is hard for many to understand. We really have no choice but to trust the Divine.

So I hope all of this helps everyone understand, but feel free to ask me questions if you’re still unsure about any of it!

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