Understanding the Self through Astrology

Develop Your Self-Awareness by Recognizing How You are Influenced by Celestial Bodies 

Planetary positions and movements, as well as other celestial bodies, contribute to how the natural world works and human affairs. In this sense, astrology can give divine information that can be significant in our pursuit of self-actualization, self-transcendence, and spiritual awakening. 

We can approach astrology as a form of understanding human nature through our observation and interpretation of the cosmos --- this includes the energy of our solar system, the zodiacs, and the planets. The placements of these celestial bodies can provide insights into the human psyche, generating a deeper appreciation of our connection to the universe. 

Your Astrological Birth Chart says a lot about you

We’re pretty sure that you are most familiar with your zodiac sign--- your sun sign in particular. Astrology is presented in the mainstream through the 12 Zodiacs. However, your sun sign alone does not paint the whole picture of the self. An analysis of your astrological birth chart can unlock what lies in your psyche, including your potentials and short circuits-- an understanding of how you operate in relation to others and your surroundings.  

Both the good and bad aspects of yourself are revealed in your astrological birth chart. In studying your birth, you can also find ways to transcend these weaknesses and strengthen your positive traits. What you are exactly getting from an astrological reading, to be precise, is acknowledgment,  enlightenment, and insights tied to our connection with cosmic forces. 

Life questions begin to make sense, as studying your astrological birth chart, provides you with illuminating answers that you could never have imagined. Look at astrology as a study of the soul by understanding the language of the sky! 

To summarize, an astrology reading can present your personality traits, soul purpose, life changes, and karmic relationships--- a fascinating catalyst to truly understanding the self in a deeper and enlightening way.


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