Useful Tips to Help You Release Your Bottom Beliefs

Have you ever had that feeling that you are denying that you will do a great job on a goal you set? For instance, you are applying for a job that you are passionate about and right before the interview, you suddenly think that you will not get that job because somebody else might be better than you. Or, a person you really liked finally asked you out and all of a sudden, the thought of “you are not good enough” suddenly comes to mind. 

These are the beliefs that are embedded in your mind that affect the way you deal with different situations in your life. Most often than not, these are the beliefs that limit you in achieving your goals, may it be big or small. These are the beliefs that shatter your purpose and make you question your talent, capabilities and even your true personality. 

Just remember the word ACT in Releasing Your Bottom Beliefs

A-cknowledge. Acknowledge your beliefs by writing it down. Write as many as you can think of and be mindful of the emotions that goes along with it. For example, your belief is that you will not live a comfortable life because you were not born rich and that your parents were not able to give you the best even if they worked really hard their entire lives. How do you feel about it? Are you angry because you were not born rich? Are you reluctant because you might also not achieve what you want even if you worked hard for it? Are you afraid to make risks because you think that your fate is not to make it big?

Acknowledging your beliefs means that you know and accept the fact that you need to do something in order to overcome your fear and pessimism that affects in achieving your goals, which leads us to the next step.

C-lear your mind. Clarity of your mind is an important aspect in releasing your bottom beliefs. After carefully acknowledging your bottom beliefs, it is important to clear your mind on what you wanted to achieve. Again, write it all down. Draw two columns, and on the first column, write your goals, then on the second column, write your beliefs that you have previously written. Make sure that you have written a specific goal you wanted to achieve. Let us use the example written above. Your goal is to have an average sized house that can fit a family of five comfortably. Your belief is that this is an impossible goal because no matter how hard you work, you cannot have it because you were not born rich and that life will not turn around for you. After that, read carefully what you have written on both columns. Which column makes you feel better? The first one or the second one? Most likely, it will be the first one. With this, you have cleared your mind on a specific goal you wanted to achieve and know what belief is hindering you to do it.  

T-hink of a positive belief. This may be a little bit hard because the bottom beliefs are formed in the early years of our lives. These beliefs may not be easily erased as we have been carrying it our entire lives. For the third time, write it all down. Once again, draw two columns. Write your goals on the first column, and on the second column write “new beliefs”. Let us continue with the example we have been working on. Your goal is to have an average sized house that can fit a family of five comfortably. Your positive belief is, you are an innovative and creative person that can think of ways to get through the tough times. Read all the things that you have written and try to engrave it within you. Put that piece of paper to a place that you can always see and keep a mindful practice to read it from time to time to remind you of your goal and your new positive belief. 

Releasing your bottom beliefs is not easy. It takes a lot of mindfulness in order to overcome it. When having doubts and fears, just always remember the word ACT. Act on it! You may have those bottom beliefs in the early years of your lives, but you still have a lifetime to turn these into positive ones.


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