What is Your Worth?

What is Your Worth? 

Oftentimes we ourselves do not know how to appraise our self-worth. We expect praises from another for it to have any “value”. We as humans are geared to seek external praise to cement our existence. 

We are afraid to be judged by our actions and what people will say. We think of what others think of us than what is truly in our hearts. Hence even our goals in life are dependent on what others expect of us. We are so afraid to get out on stage and show our true authentic selves, therefore a mask is always present in our existence.. 

We carry the imprints of the past from this lifetime and from others we’ve lived before. As we grow older then, we realize that we have to break free from these rules. Remember when you were a child? We come into this world wide-eyed and open to the possibilities and wonders of the world. But as we grow up, we lose our way only to find ourselves trying so hard to go back to that inner child, and rediscover that spark that has always been. 

We grow up with all of the words that have come to label us, clinging to our very minds. We think we are not worthy of anything, thus self-doubt comes out to play tricks inside our own minds all the time. We feel insecure. Even when you see people who are overly confident, you know too that they are struggling with something that is invisible to the eye. 

What is your worth? Do you know your value as a human being? 

Here is what we’ve learned so far in this journey: we do not need the praise of others to be assessed as being worthy because, in the first place, you are already worthy. It is your divine birthright. The toughest critic is ourselves, rooted in the belief that we have control over others and the desire to control what they think of us. But the simple truth is we don’t. 

Isn’t that a compounding agony that eats away your soul, thinking only of what others think of you? We drown in anxiety, cooped in a box, or like an iron maiden gear from the medieval ages believing that it was others who imprisoned us. Yet in truth it was the ideas themselves that permeate your very thoughts about yourself. 

To deconstruct and remove all these limiting beliefs we build throughout our adulthood lives will be a process of healing back to ourselves. Now, why would the universe let us go through all of this? Maybe because in doing so, we become more enlightened. Because when we are not broken, we can never be extraordinary. We become plebeians that only eat , drink--- living a life that was instilled by society and cultural norms. Those experiences would not lead you to awaken from the mirage of illusion. You will not see the simplicity of life in all its glory and imperfection.

We are perfect simply by being imperfect. And miracles do happen only when we accept that we are worthy of it. 

Your greatest friend is yourself. Your greatest cheerleader is yourself, not those people pointing at you or the arena built by attached human minds. When you are in touch with your inner world and with the divine creator, you know with peace and calmness, that you are enough. That you are here because the universe wanted you to be here. You are here because your spirit chose to be here. We only have to shift our perspective and gain back the power that comes from the spirit rather than from the chattering mind. 

You are worthy because you are. You may feel your life to be pointless but that is only the human mind talking. It is not of the greater force that is saying “You are a worthy child.” 

You are worthy because you are made from love and made to love. You are the very expression of love in the material form. There is goodness in all, unseen because of the facade of the material world, but stripped naked, we are all pure spirits making our way back home to the divine. 


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