Why is Twin Flame Separation so unGodly painful?!

Why is Twin Flame Separation so unGodly painful?!


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Why is Twin Flame Separation so unGodly painful?!

Every Divine Feminine knows that the pain of Twin Flame Separation is the worst pain imaginable. It brings you to your knees, can make you suicidal even, and forces you through significant transformation. Plus while in separation, triggers come up too. So you can be surrendering to the process pretty well, but then BAM! Hit by a trigger, and you’re crying all day, aching inside, and ready to kill yourself all over again. That’s not even a joke either. So why does this happen? What’s the purpose to all this?

twin flame separation

Last week I recorded these 2 vlogs on Instagram discussing this. I thought it would be short but it became longer, so I wanted to save all of this for everyone to refer back to. The links are embedded here to watch if you prefer. I do speak a bit on more topics like spiritual warfare and how it influences twin flame separation. I also use myself as an example for how to trace a wound back to its source and focus on healing it. So I do recommend watching!

There is a common repeated misconception about Twin Flame Separation.

Many twin flame guides teach that separation is not necessary and it’s simply a reflection of your negative manifestation of lack. They say that as soon as you raise your frequency to a higher vibration and focus on inner union, your twin will literally come running to you. FALSE!

Separations and triggers are an important part of the twin flame journey. This journey is not just about the connection and the relationship. It’s about a profound inner transformation and spiritual awakening. It’s about stripping you down to your authentic self and your true soul journey, life purpose and sacred soul contracts & connections. This is about integrating your soul with your body, and your ego with your heart center. This produces profound & significant changes within yourself as individuals before coming into Outer Union as a couple. This type of metamorphosis cannot happen without separation and without pain. The separation produces the triggers & the pain which are catalysts to create all of this change. So this change cannot come about without the catalysts. Therefore, separation & triggers are necessary and serve a purpose in the twin flame process.

Is it possible to bypass them or take a short cut?

Is it possible to just vibrate higher and manifest your twin into your life immediately? A small percentage of spiritually awakened people are capable of functioning from their heart center and from a higher 5D vibration all the time. That is what you need to do to be able to bypass the triggers and separation. But it’s a very strong spiritually minded individual who is capable of maintaining that 100% of the time. That also reflects being in a healed state where you have basically already transformed. The average person, and even spiritually aware individuals, are not capable of that level of vibration all the time. They do require the catalysts that come with separation in order to create that change within themselves.

Additionally, Divine Feminines are awake and aware. They work through this process at a conscious level most of the time. But Divine Masculines are not usually so aware. They are much more likely to be dragged through this process kicking and screaming. Why? Because nobody chooses to analyze their flaws and their deepest darkest wounds. Everybody suppresses those things and likes to exist in their comfort zone. Change doesn’t come about out of choice as much as it comes about out of necessity and being forced to. Being pushed out of your comfort zone, or your life shaken up by something, is what creates change within people. That is why spiritual awakenings are no fun!

So what is the purpose of separation & what do we do about it?

As stated, the purpose of separation is to push both individuals through this pain that is a catalyst for deep healing and transformation. Everybody has deep inner wounds that hold them back in life. Inner child wounds, self-worth wounds, mother wounds, father wounds, even past life wounds, that all cause us to engage in negative behavior patterns that affect relationships, and self-sabotage or even run away from true love and healthy meaningful relationships. This graphic I found on Instagram perfectly explains it. Separations frequently come about from the Divine Masculines running from the connection (along Feminines can too!). But as it says here, they are not meaning to run from you. Twins love each other at such a deep and profound level, even unconsciously, that they don’t want to run from the connection. But the connection forces them to face their wounds and their flaws to fix them. That is painful and difficult, and that is what anyone runs from.

The Pain is not because of your twin flame. It’s highlighting what you need to heal within yourself.

So when this happens, you need to focus on finding the true source of that pain and healing it. Many times that means forgiving the cause of the origin of the pain. There are many methods you can use to focus on the healing: therapy, reiki, release rituals, shamanic healing, hypnotherapy and more. Once you do the inner work to heal the cause of the pain, you will start to feel better. You will be more easily able to surrender to the process, vibrate higher, and have blind faith in the journey. You will also then be a solid energetic foundation for your twin flame as he works through healing his wounds. Be careful not to project the pain you’re feeling onto your twin instead of doing the inner work.

twin flame separation

Are there any other causes for the pain?

Yes, the pain can also be forcing you to see that you cannot walk away from this connection or your path. Usually this would be due to trying to run from the inner work, but sometimes when the Divine Masculines behave badly due to their wounds, the Divine Feminines then try to leave the connection. So pain is Spirit saying “No, you’re not going anywhere!” The Ego center can fight it because of not wanting to face ourselves, and this will create more pain.

Sometimes the pain is also forcing you to find a different source of obstacles which can be spiritual obstacles. This can be black magic, entities, or past life karma primarily, as far as I’m aware, which attach to the Ego center that is functioning in fear based energies. Help may be needed in order to remove these energy blockages. Some twin flame guides say that you can just vibrate above that stuff, but again, that is False, for the same reasons as I said above.

Why can’t you be together during this process?

This transformation that occurs almost always has to happen independently from the relationship, or you would encounter more difficulties within the relationship since you’re both still functioning from wounds which create conflict. It’s an internal process, so you can’t be in a healthy relationship while going through that. Additionally, it’s a process of coming to inner realizations individually before it’s reflected externally. That takes time.

That’s why Divine Masculines don’t come running the second you start vibrating higher. They have to go through that inner process themselves as well. Once they do that, and are ready to make changes in their lives, if they are in karmic situations, then they also have to go through the process of dismantling those karmic situations. So this all takes time. The Twin Flame Journey teaches you that your spiritual sacred soul contracts are more important than what society teaches us is important. So it is re-creating our entire belief structure that we have grown up with and are ingrained in us. This takes time! This is also exactly why the pain of being separated from our twin flames is required in order to make those changes.

The pain pushes you through the inner work necessary. The triggers shake up your life and push you outside your comfort zone. All of it is uncomfortable and painful, and this is called a Dark Night of the Soul. This process is different for each side. You don’t need to be 100% through it to reunite, but you do need to be more than 50% through it.

What about other people involved?

Don’t worry about karmic partners and breakups, even if they are soulmates. Everyone has their own soul journey. You have soul contracts with them too. These relationships are meant to be temporary and meant to teach lessons to both of you. Both the good and the bad! Everything happens for a reason and serves a purpose. Your soul knows this and chose all of this. Soul will or Divine will overrides free will as well. Your soul chose this path, and your soul is the most authentic version of you. So basically, you can’t refuse your path, and if your twin flame journey is part of it, you’re stuck with it! But as far as other people are concerned, they are meant to go through this experience from their perspective as well, serve this purpose in your life, and then shift forward to the next lesson for themselves.

When it comes to children, many are trained from childhood to sacrifice themselves for their children. That divorce is bad, and similar ideologies. But trust me when I tell you that your children are not meant to see you be miserable your whole life. It is not a good role model for children. After all, would you tell them to sacrifice their own happiness? It’s not a healthy environment either, because your unhappiness leads to more stress which leads to being unable to be a good caregiver.

Will you get through it?

Yes! A happy outcome is assured. If you have met your twin flame, and you realize it’s your twin flame, you will successfully come together into Divine Union. You just have to keep persevering through the healing process and the spiritual awakening that is the twin flame journey.


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