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Expert in Mediumship, Tarot Cards, Relationship, Future Predictions, Healing, Spiritual and Emotional Issues, Pendulum, Lenormand cards
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  • Right expressions and creative blockage
  • Mediumship
  • Tarot Cards
  • Healing
  • Relationships

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  • Tarot
  • Mediumship
  • Pendulum
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Welcome! I'm Jessica, a mother, teacher, healer, coach and Divine Feminine. I am humbled and honored to be a vessel for Spirit. My spiritual journey & life as a healer has astounded me & changed me in amazing ways! It means a lot to me to be able to help my clients find their way through difficult times. I am openminded, non-judgmental, caring & empathetic.

For psychic readings, I use a variety of different tarot & oracle cards, pendulum, and claircognizance, clairaudience, clairsentience & clairvoyance. I have a Bachelors & Masters in Psychology as well as Reiki Master & Blue Star Celestial certifications. My brand of energy medicine is attuned specifically to my gifts, so it combines my reiki training with energy medicine & psychic surgery. 

I specialize in Twin Flame readings & coaching. I have been on a twin flame journey myself for 8 years, and I am in the reunion stage. I regularly channel messages for twins, and guide clients & a community support group through the twin flame process. It is my experience that anyone, including spiritualists, do not understand twin flames if they are not one themselves, and can't offer appropriate advice. Twin Flames have a higher purpose teaching the world about unconditional love. So the journey strips away psychological conditioning ingrained in us, heals deep inner wounds & rebirths you through a spiritual awakening to find your true authentic self. Twin Flame readings are different from normal psychic readings because you are assessing the stage you are at in the journey & the energy for both of you & the connection.

I write a blog on Twin Flames including collective readings. Several articles are also published here on Top Psychics, as well as a Twin Flame Energy Check-in for Top Psychics instagram page, top.psychics. You can find my blog at I also offer general readings, love, career/life purpose, soul path, Akashic Records, past life, cord cutting, coaching, energy healing and more through my shop and my Patreon community. And I post regular readings & "Twin Flame Talks" on my TikTok & YouTube channels. All links can be found here: 

I only need your names & questions. However, specific questions aren't necessary. When giving a reading, Spirit is speaking through me & providing the guidance you need to hear based on the questions in your head & your soul path. That may or may not be exactly what you ask, but it's always what you need. I can give general readings & Spirit will answer what you need to know without you saying.

During our calls or chats, I can provide psychic readings; coaching on twin flames, narcissism recovery, spiritual issues & spiritual warfare; readings combined with coaching; and energy healing on the spot for all types of body, mind & soul issues as well as cord cutting. 

I will not answer questions on remote viewing, health, medical, pregnancy, legal, lost & found, lottery, or asking specific dates, names or initials. I will give timeframes if Spirit provides them, but Spirit doesn't always provide them. It is also important to understand that timeframes are only a potentiality based on current energy & free will. They are never guaranteed. Timeframes are always fluid. I am very honest, and will only tell you what Spirit is showing me, whether or not it is what you want to hear. 

Thank you for reading my profile! I'm honored to be here, and look forward to speaking with you!

Love & Light, Jessica

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