Raakha Energy Mastery

Expert in Relationship, Future Predictions, Healing, Life Restore Energy, Health, Spiritual and Emotional Issues
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I am a Natural Born Psychic & Powerful Healer. I am also a very skilled Remote Influencer, Fully Qualified Energy Clearer & Life Coach.


I am able to predict  your future, and much more than that, through the work of powerful clearing and influencing work, we are able to change your situation for your benefit.


I have lived in London from the age of 1, and was born in a village in Bangladesh, known as “ village of the mystics ”. 

I come from a ancestral lineage where special abilities are the norm. I have learnt to expand these talents and abilities and fine-tuned them to today’s needs and requirements for the modern challenging world.


I am a very bubbly, non-judgemental character, being connected directly through source, my sessions are insightful, accurate and honest.  My readings will guide you on the right path and give you the best options possible to you enabling peace of mind and joy.


All the challenges that we face in life are either emotional, physical, mental or spiritual root causes. I can clearly see why things are happening by accessing your Soul records, some call this the Akashic Records, by removing the issues that are causing them, restoring peace and harmony in all areas of your life. Where you were merely surviving you will be thriving! Yes! Its already happened to thousands of clients I have helped.


Claircognizant, Clairvoyance, Clairaudient, Telepathy, Healer,  Remote Influencer


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