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Welcome to Tarot with Trisha! May divine blessings come your way! 


I get my messages from what I assume are energy beings as I haven't had the privilege of knowing them in person yet. My only form of communication with them so far has been energetic and intuitive. 

These guides are just as fun as they are knowledgeable and brutally honest. It has been a joyous ride for me, getting in touch with them and being able to help several people through the knowledge, grace and benevolence of these beings. They are made of pure love and peace and what they say, albeit cut-throat, is always in the benefit of the querent.


This is all I can reveal for now. If you're wondering if this is too other-worldly for you to wrap your head around then trust me I know where you're coming from. It took me time to accept this too. But as the messages were received by several people, their reactions and acknowledgement of what was happening was proof enough for me that this is really happening to me and that there's no going back.

It is a privilege to serve the divine and I'm here for you, so, we'll be okay. Let's see this through together. You're not alone and the Universe and life has always been for you. :)

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