How do I get started? 

Click on the sign-up link on the main page and fill out your information.  Once you have topped up you can select your reader from the main page and click call or chat!

Start reading the bios of our Top Psychics here. This will give you an idea of which psychic connects with you best. You can choose the talk or chat button for your psychic reading session. Before booking a session with our psychics, make sure to sign-up and set up an account. As a new customer, we are giving you $10, which you can use for your session. Create your account here

Upon setting up your account, you can start booking a session with our psychics. If by any reason, your call or chat did not go through, or our psychic is busy or not available, you can choose to join the psychic’s queue or receive a callback once they are available. Otherwise, you can also pick another psychic who is available. 

Is account registration required?

Account registration is required for Top-Psychics.  You may top up your balance using a credit card or Paypal. 

Is a phone or text psychics reading be as effective as in-person reading? 

Yes, definitely! Getting a psychic reading over the phone or text has its advantages and can be as effective as in-person. Remember that your psychic is tuning in to your energy, hence, whether you are face-to-face or doing it over the phone, you can still have insightful results. 

How old do I have to be to get a psychics reading? 

You must be 18 years of age or older.

How do I book a session? 

Create your account and book a session with your preferred psychic. It’s that easy!  If you are having issues in booking a reading, you can message us through the Top Psychics Chat Box. 

How long does a reading last?

Typical readings last from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.  There are shorter readings and longer readings of course. 

How do I get my signup bonus?

Your signup bonus is automatically debited to your account. 

What forms of payment do you accept? 

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. We will charge your credit card only for the amount you specify. 


I’d like to know more about Top Psychics, can you tell me more? 

Top Psychics is your most trusted site, holding space for personal advice and committed to empowering lives by helping people find answers to their most pressing questions. We offer intuitive, accurate, and insightful services. 

How long have you been in business? 

Although our website is new, we’ve gathered together a community of psychics who have more than 5 years of experience offering their psychic reading services. Our goal is to provide a digital space for our psychic community to be of more service to others like yourself. 

How do you pick your psychics? 

Before a psychic joins our Top Psychics Community, they are evaluated thoroughly. We screen and test each psychic for accuracy, professionalism, and their authenticity in helping our customers. When they pass our evaluation, they become part of the Top Psychics Community. 

Are your psychics the best? 

Yes! Here at Top Psychics, we are guided by the philosophy to be of service to you by providing positive guidance to your life. This motto resonates with all of our psychics. Apart from being experienced, all of us from the Top Psychics Community have a strong desire to help and guide you. 

Where can I find your Psychics? 

You can view the bios of our Top Psychics here

How do I know if the Psychic is right for me? 

Our Top Psychics have different areas of expertise and their style of psychic reading also varies. We encourage you to take your time to read our Top Psychic bios to give you more ideas of whom you best connect with.

I have a complaint, what do I do?

Simply email us at  with your complaint and we will resolve it as soon as possible.